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Ophthalmic Surgical Drapes

Extensive SelectionInnovative DesignsMaximum Barrier ProtectionImproved Patient Comfort
  • Maximum Barrier Protection
  • Designs for Every Technique
  • Superior Quality and Value
  • Ultimate Patient Comfort

Whether your procedure calls for an aperture or incise drape, or features such as fluid collection pouches, the wide variety of OcuDrape styles and sizes ensures you will always have the right drape for your specific application. All OcuDrapes are manufactured using the industry’s best adhesives to be secure during the procedure but allow for easy removal. And rest assured, our rigorous sterilization, inspection and quality control process meet all industry standards to ensure the highest quality surgical product available.


Superior Protection

High-quality SMS and plastic materials provide excellent barrier protection from fluid strikethrough to minimize risk of cross-contamination and infection.

Advanced Fluid Control

Integrated fluid control features such as fluid pouches and eye wicks offer enhanced fluid management to prevent possible contamination and allow for efficient clean up.

Reliable Adhesives

Hypoallergenic incise material maintain drape position securely during the procedure while allowing for easy, gentle removal to ensure patient comfort.

Low-Lint Non-Woven Fabrics

Low-lint SMS fabric feature outer layers that minimize lint particulate generation to decrease risk of airborne bacterial transmission.


Every drape design is functionally-folded and labeled based on extensive research for easy application that saves time and improves draping technique.

The most extensive line of ophthalmic surgical drapes available for non-sterile for custom packs or sterile packaged  to meet the needs of every procedure and preferred draping technique.

Ocudrape Oval Aperture
Oval Aperture

2.5 x 1.5 in (6 x 4 cm) oval aperture with ophthalmic incise adhesive

Ocudrape Full Incise
Full Incise

Full ophthalmic incise adhesive with rounded corners

Ocudrape Round Incise
Round Incise

3 in (7.62 cm) round ophthalmic incise adhesive

Ocudrape Single Fluid Catch Bag
Single Pouch

• Clear plastic single fluid pouch
• Large fluid capacity
• Malleable forming bar

Ocudrape Dual Fluid Pouches
Saddle Pouches

• Clear plastic saddle pouches
• Large fluid capacity
• Malleable forming bar

3-Sided Pouches

• Clear plastic 3-sided fluid pouches
• Large fluid capacity
• Malleable forming bar


Blue SMS Non-Woven

  • Impervious operative site
  • Soft and easy-to-drape
  • Fluid-resistant fabric
  • Designed for patient comfort and barrier protection

Embossed Plastic

  • Impervious
  • Non-glare matte finish
  • Unobstructed view of surgical site
  • Soft and easy-to-drape
  • Conforms to facial contours
  • Latex free
Ocudrape Clear Plastic Material

Clear Plastic

  • Impervious
  • Clear view of surgical site
  • Soft and easy-to-drape
  • Conforms to facial contours
  • Latex free
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